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Super Simple Affirmation Practice for your Fitness Journey!

Do you say affirmations to yourself? Your kids? Your Partner? Your team?

There is so much POWER in positive thinking and affirmations.

Affirmations are a simple and proven way to rewire our brains.

There is scientific evidence that suggests our thoughts can actually change certain neural pathways in our brains over time.

If someone is thinking or being told negative things, over time, they will believe these things and their brain will actually change. On the flip side, if we are being encouraged and saying positive things to ourselves - and believing them - our brains tell us we are capable and successful.

Much like exercise feeds our bodies, affirmations feed our brain positivity.

I recently heard an awesome podcast episode titled: The ABCs of Affirmations.

While this podcast is directed at parents, I took so much away that I plan to use for myself, my partner and my clients!

I want to share some actionable cliff notes about affirmations with you - and I encourage you to think about how you can use the ABCs to have a better fitness journey, be a better partner and be a better person for yourself and others.

ABCs of Affirmations

  1. Affirm the positive ACTION

  2. Benefit - What are the natural benefits of the action to everyone involved, including yourself.

  3. Character - What did it take to do that?


You have a goal to lose weight and accept a reasonable plan working with your coach (myself) through going to the gym three times per week and preparing healthy dinners at home five times per week. You tend to be on a schedule of going to the gym once a week (if that) and getting take-out most nights because of your busy schedule. As your trainer, I may become slightly annoyed because the goal was reasonable and if you aren't going to do the work, I can't wave a wand and make you lose weight! But I ask more questions about your day and find out you are drinking water throughout her day and choosing some healthier options for take-out meals.

I would say something along the lines of "That's tough that your weeks have been so crazy busy lately that you couldn't make it to the gym or prepare meals at home. But great job keeping up with your water intake, choosing healthier options from the take-out menus, and making it to the gym once! Because you can make conscious healthy choices when and where you can, you are fueling your body and learning how to navigate your busy schedule and take-out menus! That shows patience and determination to not give up when things didn't go as planned. This is a journey and you are learning about yourself as you continue on it to reach your goals."

You might, hopefully, see the positive changes in your fitness journey as opposed to writing off the entire week. You might begin with creating affirmations for yourself so that you can see the potential in your fitness journey.

Some examples to kick you off might include:

  • I am making the gradual change for a healthier me;

  • I am doing my best;

  • I will control that which I can control;

  • I am grateful for what I have. Let me know if you try affirmations on yourself, your partner, your family, or in your business - and how it went!

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