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Do you want to improve your body confidence in as little as 12 weeks whilst simultaneously decreasing stress and improving energy?

Get access to a program that shows you how to control your habits through sustainable methods and achieve results like Karyn


I dropped 8 kilos and 2 dress sizes in three months!

The Discipline Fitness Method has helped me bring back the spring in my step even with the physical injuries and mental blocks that were holding me back.

The Discipline Fitness Method built me back up physically and emotionally from my lows and has taught me to bring out my best.

I cannot thank the Discipline Fitness Coach enough for their help and guidance in bringing my passion back into fitness and my confidence back into my body and my mind!






With attention to detail and firm regimen during your workouts, centre your focus and unleash your potential progressing towards a fitter, stronger you!



Whether it is weight loss, muscle gain, athletic power or strength and conditioning your program will be tailored to you with a clear pathway to achieve your goals.



Keep accountable with your coach through your journey. Track your workouts, body composition, goals and nutrition while keeping everything enjoyable.



Contact your coach anytime for feedback, advice and guidance throughout your fitness journey.  You will never be alone in and out of the gym.

Workout at Home


Does the idea of following a meal plan or starting a diet make you want to throw a party one last time before you can never have fun again?

Diets and meal plans suck.

If you are ready to ditch "dieting" and learn how to actually eat healthily and live well for a long time, then this program is for you! 

The Discipline Fitness Method Program is designed specifically for men and women who are ready to ditch the diet mentality and learn more about nutrition, their bodies and their mindset all the while becoming confident in their bodies!




How is this program different from other diets and nutrition programs?


Understand how food works in your body (not just blindly following a cookie-cutter plan)


Manage your mindset and condition yourself to think differently about what you eat


Support and accountability to keep you on track to successfully complete the program

Couple Cooking




Eating healthy is not about following a certain meal plan or going “on and off” diets because that is not sustainable.

It is not about counting calories because it’s darn near impossible to do that accurately.

Eating healthy is about being aware of what you are eating, how you are feeling, and making conscious choices repeatedly.

People who develop a healthy relationship with their bodies, food, and fitness have built the skills - through practice - that allow them to be mindful, pay attention to their emotions, and tune into their body’s signals.

The skill of “listening to your body and learning what works for you” — is just that, a skill. And, with practice, can be developed and improved upon.

As Benjamin Franklin said, “there are three things extremely hard: steel, a diamond, and to know one’s self.”

Extremes such as meal plans and restrictive diets and cheat days take the thinking out of the game. And they fail because they are not sustainable.

Being mindful of what you eat and how you feel take practice and requires you to actively make a choice.

The more you understand your body and the food that fuels it – eating well and moving more does begin to become automated.


Just like you train your body, you must train your mind.

This course is about knowledge and using that knowledge for the better.

One of the most amazing things that we are able to do as humans with high-functioning brains is to create goals and plan ahead.

Yet so many of us interfere with our own goals.

We get in our own way.

We procrastinate and put off our goals because we are afraid to fail.

We seek false pleasures (over-eating, overspending, etc.) instead of doing the hard work needed to achieve our goals.

We quit because we are not seeing results right away!

Quitting will not get you results any quicker.

And what tends to happen is that we find ourselves in a self-sabotage spiral…

We focus on the failures of the past and either tell ourselves that we will fail before we even try OR we don’t even set a goal because we don’t want to be disappointed.

The work you will do in this course puts you in the driver’s seat.

You have control over your thoughts, feelings, and actions.

You, and only you, have the power to break through limiting beliefs. And you have the power to choose to live a life in which you are not overly obsessed with food but eat a generally healthy diet, and are happy and content with your body. 

This program is meant to teach you how to eat well for a long time - while providing you with the latest well-researched and reputable nutrition education and personalized accountability.

The program follows specific steps but is individualised and customisable.


Adam and Kathryn

Fit Woman


Have created a clear, goal-driven nutrition plan that works for YOU and that you can immediately put into action.

Choose to do and think in a way that serves you and others (this can be with moral obligations, your health, money, etc.)

Understand how to break down carbs, protein and fat for your body type.

Know how to actually reach those goals without getting overwhelmed

Understand that diets and external circumstances don't determine your success - you do!

Better understand detoxes, intermittent fasting and what might be right for you.

Understand how the human brain works when it comes to food, stress, and emotions

Increase awareness of your body and understand hunger cues

Embrace failures and discomfort because you know they are part of life and use them to propel you forward.

Recognise how your emotions drive your movements and eating choices

Have a better way to portion control that doesn’t include counting calories and measuring things.

Have a desire to keep learning about food, your body and yourself

Book your 30-minute complimentary discussion about your fitness goals!

Kettlebell Workout


Access to The Discipline Fitness Method program for life!

Calorie, Macro and Portion calculations based on your lifestyle, goals and fitness factors

An in Gym or at-home workout program

Recipe Guide and Recommendations

The Discipline Fitness eBook

Entry into the VIP Facebook group

Entry into the VIP MyFitnessPal group

Ongoing support and education

Book your 30-minute complimentary discussion about your fitness goals!


Q: Who is this program NOT for?

You should not buy this program if you are looking to have a quick fix, looking for a diet, or a workout or meal plan.

Q: When does this program start?

It starts when you're ready and have received the login details to access the course

Q: What is the program all about?

The idea behind the program is to encourage you to ditch "dieting", "meal plans" or "restrictive nutrition principles" once and for all and to learn about food, your body and create your own healthy choices one step at a time.

It is unrealistic to think that you can sustain a very restrictive diet or strict meal plan if you cannot consistently eat vegetables for dinner or eat a generally wholesome meal with minimally processed foods.

This program meets you where you are.

This program allows you to choose which healthy behaviours to focus on and then you can add advanced approaches (macro break downs, intermittent fasting, etc.) as you go through the program

There is a section (and quiz along with it) about eating for your body type. This might not be right for everyone - but could be beneficial information for you if you have been stuck and the scale is not moving.

Q: Is there a fitness component?

Yes! With your purchase, you get access to a 12-week at-home or gym-based workout program. You can request modifications to the program depending on your fitness levels and access to resources and equipment.

There is also info in the program about strength training, cardio and movement.

AND it is MORE than just a cookie-cutter program…

You'll get to have direct access to your coach!

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