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Intense Training


  • Not sure how to access NDIS funding

  • Gyms are too noisy and uncomfortable

  • Lack of a clear plan and directions to hit goals

  • Concerned about a personal trainer who won't understand your unique needs and preferences

Does this sound familiar?

Achieve your fitness and movement goals with The Discipline Fitness Coach a NDIS approved Personal Trainer

The Discipline Fitness Coach seeks to connect with people living with autism to achieve their fitness and movement goals. The Discipline Fitness Coaches process ensures the right methods and the needs of the individual. The Discipline Fitness Coach creates personalized, adapted programs to help individuals hit their fitness and movement goals.


ASD • Deaf • Blind • Physical • Intellectual • Sensory 

Associated with Allied Health Professionals and Industry-Leading Organisations

The Discipline Fitness Coach is associated with and is trusted by some of Australia’s largest fitness training organisations and peak industry bodies to ensure the highest level of professionalism and expert guidance.


A skilled, educated & accredited trainer

We consult with people with that are experience in living with autism, leading disability sector leaders and clinicians to ensure a high standard is met in guiding you. The Discipline Fitness Coach is trained and experienced in guiding clients living with autism and other disabilities.

Making fitness for every body

The Discipline Fitness Coach believes in a more inclusive Australia, supporting the fitness industry to be more inclusive – not creating ‘special’ gyms. the Discipline Fitness Coach wants to support individuals with their unique needs in mind


“My son absolutely loves and smashes his sessions with The Discipline Fitness Coach. We can’t wait to have another one.”

The Discipline Fitness Coach creates fitness and movement programs for participants in the NDIS.

We don’t assume what the goals and needs are - we work with you at an individual level to build a personalised program that keeps you motivated and feeling good.


The Discipline Fitness Coach is here to connect with participants in the NDIS who are after a Personal Trainer

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The Discipline Fitness Coach helps everyone achieve their fitness and movement goals.

Sometimes, searching for the right trainer can be difficult. And the hard work is already done for you! The Discipline Fitness Coach is prepared to help each person on the NDIS with support on their fitness journey. The Discipline Fitness Coach will not rest until you have achieved what you want to achieve!


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