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Why Your Rest Days Are Important

Have you ever worked out so hard you left the gym feeling utterly drained? Or waking up the next morning feeling sore, hardly able to walk?

We’ve all been there.

And usually, we assume this full-body exhaustion means we had a good workout - but this is NOT true.

Exhaustion, muscle soreness, and lack of energy mean something else:

Your body is in recovery mode.

Recovering from what?


Yes, hard workouts cause inflammation. It’s your body's natural response after getting into ‘high gear’ during exercise.

And it is VERY important to allow your body to get the rest it needs to recover…

Otherwise, you can risk injury, poor immunity, and more severe health risks.

So, whether you do heavy weightlifting or jogging or even walking?

Make sure to get the rest and recovery you need.

This will help you ‘recoup’ from your heavy workouts and exercise.

Plus, will help you stay healthy in the long term for maximum performance!

Here are some simple post-workout routines to reduce inflammation and exhaustion:

  • Drink LOTS of water

  • Eat healthy food (within 45 minutes after your workout)

  • Drink a protein shake

  • Perform a post-workout stretch

  • Don’t forget to cool down

  • Enjoy a cool or cold shower

  • Get a full, deep sleep that night

And remember to take rest days as well!

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