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Train In The Outdoors!

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

Training Outdoors is a great way to still achieve your fitness goals
Middle Park, Middle Road, Boronia Heights

With the unfortunate closure of many fitness centers and gyms, now is a great time to start training outdoors! The Discipline Fitness Coach is still training their clients at various outdoor venues to fulfill the fitness needs of his clients. Safety is and will still be the number one priority. Safety points including, but not limited to:

  • Ensuring the self-distancing space of 1.5 meters is adhered to;

  • Personal hygiene pre and post exercise is maintained with adequate washing of hands;

  • Ensuring adequate footwear and a towel is used in all activities;

  • Exercises are prescribed to the limitations of the individual;

  • Exercising is limited in adverse weather conditions;

  • Adequate lighting is available in poor light conditions.

Exercising outdoors is still safe. And the great outdoors provides an unparalleled experience to the gym. The Discipline Fitness Coach still encourages people to train with him, being a registered trainer with Fitness Australia, as he adheres to the relevant guidelines to safely deliver outdoor training.

Physical exercise and the vital role it plays in a persons health and mental well being has never been more important than now - a time of uncertainty, isolation and increase anxiety.

If you want to train in the outdoors and start or continue your fitness journey, then shake off the cabin fever and email The Discipline Fitness Coach, today!

FAQ for Outdoor Training:

  1. Is there undercover areas at outdoor training locations? There is limited cover in various outdoor training locations. The Discipline Fitness Coach will endeavour to monitor the forecast to make a judgement call as to whether to suspend the activity and move to an alternate means of training you, such as video conferencing via Zoom, Skype or another suitable application.

  2. Can I bring my own equipment to train? Although The Discipline Fitness Coach does have outdoor training equipment, The Discipline Fitness Coach welcomes you and your equipment to train in your session. Not only this, he will guide you on best and safe practices on how to use the equipment and ensure adequate care of your equipment.

  3. What if the State of Queensland reaches another level of lock down? The Discipline Fitness Coach assures you that if the Queensland government increases the measures of a lock down, he will work with you via video a video conferencing application so that you are still training!

Should you have any other questions, please feel free to email the Discipline Fitness Coach, here, and he will respond as quickly as possible!

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