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One Year On

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

One year on...

As 2015 is coming to a close, many will look back and ask, where did it all go? While others may say to themselves that they had a great year. Looking back on 2015, I can see that I have achieved much. Not only for myself but that of my clients.

On Friday the 31st of November 2014, I left my ten-plus-year-long career in hospitality and entered into the Fitness industry at Fitness First Mosman Platinum. It was here that I learned much of which I am now passing on to my clients in the world of Fitness, Health and Wellness.

I’m sure that you, the reader, sitting and reading this, want to ask me if this change was/is worth it. At this time, I wish I could answer that for you. When I have coached many clients in years to come, I will be better able to answer that question.

Making change

I am thankful though that I did make the change for my betterment. Hospitality was a good career. But as time dragged on, most of my nights were ending with tiredness and stress from people who were not in a good state of mind, about to make not-so-positive decisions on themselves.

I will add however that I had some great times with my fellows from the industry too! My decision was based on many factors. I enjoyed being healthy and fit in previous times when I was into fitness, long before thinking about becoming a personal trainer. I felt great! but when hospitality called, I answered and paid for it.

Enter the Master Trainer

Now becoming a Master Trainer, business owner, and Fitness Coach, I have learned more about myself than I ever would have if I stayed in hospitality. Sometimes I have been asked by many about topics of the health and fitness industry. Although I give them an answer based on my current knowledge and experience, I feel that sometimes I leave them a little short as I have either not enough information or that the topic is outside my scope of practice.

The future in fitness

I intend to promote health, fitness and well-being onto the Discipline Fitness blog page. The articles that will be that, which I feel are relevant to me, my clients and friends based on my experiences, and the experiences of other like-minded personal trainers, fitness professionals and medical experts. I hope that they will help you see a little bit more to yourself.

The disclaimer

I would like to add that any articles that are placed/referenced within the blogs of Discipline Fitness are articles that I believe to be of relevance to the Fitness industry and to you the reader. You are more than welcome to conduct your own investigation into any of the topics mentioned for discussion.

Yours in fitness, health, and wellness.

Thomas Farrell - The Discipline Fitness Coach

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