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Morning Weight Loss Routine

Do you have a morning weight loss routine?

Are you looking kick start your way to losing weight?

If so, you’ve probably been told to exercise, limit your caloric intake and cut out sugar, processed foods, or fatty foods.

But here’s what they don’t tell you:

One of the easiest ways to lose weight is with a simple ‘fat burning’ morning routine.

Yes, this routine will help accelerate your metabolism from morning all the way to nighttime. It involves no exercise, although it is recommended to stay active, making this a simple method for slimming down.

This routine will also energise you as well - perfect for exercise and dialing in your focus for the long day ahead too!


If you’re constantly waking up groggy and tired, chances are you’re going to bed and waking up at inconsistent times. This confuses your body's circadian rhythm and doesn’t allow it to get the high quality, deep sleep it needs to charge up for the next day.

Waking up at the same time every day will reset your circadian rhythm, allowing your body to function better and jumpstart your metabolism earlier on in the day (allowing your body to burn hundreds of calories without any extra work)


Humans are made up of over 70% water, meaning we need to stay hydrated at all times. But you obviously can’t do this while you’re sleeping, which means you wake up dehydrated.

That’s why you should drink a tall glass of water immediately after waking up. Think of it like oiling and lubricating a rusty car engine.

This will not only hydrate you after a long night of sleep but kick start your metabolism, too.

Drinking water in the morning also helps with curbing your appetite - so you’re less likely to overeat during your next meal.


This is one of THE MOST neglected aspects of a healthy morning.

Getting at least 15-20 minutes of direct sunlight on your skin has been proven to:

  • Raise testosterone levels by up to 69% helping you speed up your metabolism.

  • Begin to reduce the size of fat cells under your skin.

  • Significantly improve your mood.

  • Establish a healthy circadian rhythm.

  • And much, much more!

And the earlier you do this, the better. So, make sure to get that daily dose of morning sunshine!

Make sure to apply appropriate safety precautions if you're going out in the middle of the day.

Coffee It’s no surprise that coffee is one of the most popular morning drinks. It wakes you up from that deep slumber and gives you some energy to power through the morning.

It can even improve your performance in the gym!

Drinking coffee every morning may have your metabolism SPRINTING for hours, help burn fat cells, and even boost immunity and mental clarity.

Losing weight and getting shredded becomes a piece of cake when you start off your day with a healthy morning routine.

Your metabolism will be running ALL day, even if you take a nap or sit around and watch a movie, guaranteed.

Plan out your new morning routine using the tips above and let us know how your life changes.

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