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Making Your Resolutions Count

...and making your resolutions countable

We’re approaching the time of year when everyone may take stock of their lives and resolutions to look at doing things differently or better from this point.

When we recognise the need to change or improve ourselves, we set an arbitrary date to launch ourselves. But, the fact that many of us, at least, acknowledge that areas in our lives need improvement. Is that a positive step? If only we moved our intentions into actions. And some of us do!

Reasons for failing to start or sticking to the identified healthy changes can be manifold, but the most common factor for many is lack of accountability. The technical skills, drive and the accountability provided by fitness professionals is a key to progress.

How are your resolutions for next year?

Have you made any for your personal life?

And who is going to keep you accountable to achieving those goals?

It is admirable that you have undertaken the journey and more so that you’re going to keep yourself accountable to yourself. But, making you accountable to you might not get you there. Making your pledge to someone who can help you along your journey can be vital.

You may decide to achieve a 5km run inside a certain timeframe, lift a weight to a heavier amount or drop a notch in your belt. And having a fitness professional on hand may resolve you to make your New Year the year to achieve your goals.

I’m certain that taking a look at the client testimonials, you’ll be at least tempted to make that resolution for your best year yet and contact us today!

Merry Christmas and an accountable New Year, too!

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