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How To Make The Ultimate Home Gym

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

The Ultimate Home Gym

We all know that exercise is important and that getting those 30 minutes of activity every day should be high on everyone’s priority list. However, in our busy lives where everything we do needs to be done right away and you have twice the workload to deal with, you end up with no spare time to go to the gym. Sure, there are workarounds, like going to the gym on your lunch break or just before bed, but this is taking away from vital moments of rest that your body needs. The solution? A home gym where you can work out whenever you have time, without having to leave the house.

Here’s how to make your home gym.

Find a room

The most common excuse for not having a home gym is that there is no space to put it in. Living spaces are getting smaller and you don’t want to waste precious space with a treadmill. However, that’s not an excuse, as there are ways to create a home gym in a small corner of your bedroom or living room. Simply putting a shelf with exercise equipment and having a part of the floor where you can put a yoga mat down is all you need.

Additionally, if you live in an area where the weather is usually good, you can create an outdoor gym so you’re not wasting any indoor space. But, if you want to commit, your gym can be in your garage, basement or a spare room. Remember that your home gym doesn’t have to be an entire room for itself, so if you have a guest room that you use only a couple times per year, it can serve as a gym the rest of the time.

Get the equipment you want

Just having space where you can work out isn’t enough, you need to have some tools that you can use. If you have space, the best thing you can do is to get exercise equipment that you enjoy using, whether that’s a treadmill, stationary bike, lifting station or anything else. You should also get some stretching helpers to make sure you stretch your muscles after you exercise and prevent soreness.

If you don’t have space for a lot of equipment, individual weights, skipping rope and ankle weights can go a long way. On top of that, you will need something to follow a routine on. Whether that’s a TV or a space to put your laptop or phone where you can clearly see it, unless you’re an expert, you should always be following video instructions to prevent injury.

Swiss Balls and resistance bands for a home gym are an excellent idea

Set some rules

If you don’t live alone, it can be difficult finding time for yourself, and if you’re someone who doesn’t like being looked at while you exercise, you need to set the rule that while you’re in the gym, nobody should disturb you. However, you should also put down some rules for yourself, because it’s all too easy for a bike to turn into a clothing rack if you don’t use it enough.

Even if you can’t commit a full hour of exercise in a day, go spend some time in your home gym, do some stretches and just make it a routine to do something with your body every day to get it moving.

Equipment doesn't have to be big or heavy when creating a home gym.

A home gym can go a long way in helping you get active, but if you’re not using it and you don’t develop the routine to go and exercise, the gym will be just another room in the house. Make sure you are actively thinking about the activities you are doing during the day and that you know why you’re doing them: to be a healthier, happier you.

Want some help creating your home gym?

Why not contact The Discipline Fitness Coach, today?

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