6 Reasons Why Working Out at Home Can Be Better than the Gym

Every year, millions of people make the same decision – to start working out. Although the benefits are huge, a large percentage give up. There are plenty of reasons, and some of them are connected to having to leave home. However, the good news is – you can exercise at home. In fact, there are quite a few benefits to working out at home, as opposed to going out. If you resolve to work out in the comfort of your own home, maybe this will be the year when you finally reach your goals.

It’s Convenient

The convenience of exercising at home is the number one reason why you should try it. It’s very important because it eliminates most of the excuses people use to avoid working out. When you do it at home, there’s no commute. It absolutely doesn’t matter what time it is. Sometimes you will have free time in the morning before you head out to work. Other times, you will only be able to squeeze in a late workout – after dinner. This can be a problem with gyms and fitness classes. When you’re doing it at home, you are free to make your own schedule. Plus, there’s never a problem with availability.

It’s Cleaner

Let’s face it: gyms can be a bit icky. All that sweat can give the place a funky smell. If you are using the equipment, sitting in a place that’s still warm from someone else’s body is unavoidable. Not to mention having to use the shower. However rigorous they are about cleaning, there will always be some germs lurking in every gym. At home, you are the only person using your mat and equipment. Not to mention that there is no risk of catching athlete’s foot from the shower floor.

There’s Zero Embarrassment

No one likes admitting it, but one of the top reasons why people hate exercising is because they feel embarrassed about their body, or fitness level. Beginners often feel very self-conscious and have low confidence. The solution? Exercise where no one can see you! Somewhere where no one knows how you look in leggings or how many crunches you can (or can’t) do!

It’s Cheaper

A monthly gym membership or the cost of a fitness class can make a significant dent in your budget. Not to mention the clothes and gear you need to buy to look presentable. On the other hand, exercising at home costs nothing at all. There is no membership, and as far as clothes and gear are concerned – the only thing that matters is that you feel comfortable. In fact, you could use the money you save to get your own quality gym equipment. Why burn money on memberships, when you can use it to buy your own treadmill?

It’s Tailormade

Fitness classes tend to be a one-size-fits-all affair. They can also get pretty boring after a while. At home, you can be flexible: do as much or as little as you can, and mix it up to keep it interesting. You can combine weight training, yoga and cardio, or opt for any other combo you enjoy.

It’s Easier to Concentrate

Gyms and fitness classes, like public places, can be quite distracting. Sometimes, people are too loud. Or you don’t enjoy the music that’s being played. And then there is always at least one person who just enjoys making a spectacle of himself, showing off his gear, body or fitness level. With all of this going around, it can be difficult to focus.

When it comes to getting fit and doing something good for your health, you just have to want it enough. A home program will help you by removing most of the obstacles that hold you back.

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