Your Fitness Journey Explained

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

Over the initial twelve months, your body will go through changes, as outlined below.

In your initial 6 to 12 week period you will mainly experience internal changes to your body. This internal stage is an important stage because it sets body up wit the foundations to move forward to experience the long lasting results you are looking for.

In the next 12 weeks your regular results with The Discipline Fitness Coach will reveal that you are on your way to achieving your goals. You will start to see these changes

The following 12 to 24 weeks you will discover it won't be long until you are satisfied with the way you look and feel. This is where you decide whether or not you would like to continue on changing the way you look and feel or move onto the next stage.

The maintenance stage is where you will discuss with The Discipline Fitness Coach how often you would like to meet and work on maintaining these wonderful results you have created.

Its a simple fact, but you either use it or lose it!

Your Fitness Journey Explained

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