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The Importance of Your Positive Mindset

Strengthen Your Mind and Your Body Will Follow!

When I imply that you should strengthen your mind, I’m not talking about becoming a Doctor Strange level of your mind. It would be cool if we could though, right? What I am implying is that you strengthen your mind for your fitness journey ahead. Get your Zen on and improve your performance with the power of visualisation.

By unlocking your power of visualisation and fuelling your aspirations with the simple, powerful exercises daily, you will be unstoppable. Visualising exercises are vital to your fitness journey success. Just as I guide my client’s body through training, so too must the mind. Within this, a form of self-reflection in the form of mental exercising by visualising the path before you comes into play.

But What is Visualisation?

Visualisation is the art of disciplining your mind through knowing where you want to go and creating the path before you. It will you allow you to hone in on either the blockages ahead, or the workout to focus on. If you were to regularly engage in utilising visualisation exercises will allow you to flow through training as a whole with ease. This will allow for you to be present in the moment and lead to better results.

Visualisation can be a helpful tool to aid you on your strengths, build confidence and improve performance. Disciplining your mind to focus on visualisation can be an even more powerful supplement to your training than most of the pre and post supplements you are already taking. But the most important thing is to practise it.

The steps to visualising your journey:

  1. Identification In the beginning, you must identify where you want to be. This can be a form of mental imagery. You need to imagine yourself in the moment of performing your tasks ahead of you. This can help you familiarise yourself with the mental run-through of the repetitions in the activity of a challenging workout. Start to visualise yourself operating the task at a higher level that you already think you can, this can boost your confidence. This study in France, published in August 2005 on “Perceptual and Motor Skills” showed that mental imagery combined with physical practise greatly improved performance even in amateur trainers. Keep in mind though that this will only serve you if you make it a habit. Practising this everyday before, during and after your workouts and pend each and every moment mentally practising and focusing on proper skills and techniques. To enhance this even further and obtain the desired level of performance, its recommended you use pattern breaking techniques, confidence building exercises and your senses.

  2. Pattern Breaking This is the moment you begin to break your negative patterns, bad habits and limiting beliefs and SCREAM a positive, forward thinking motivational phrase in your mind.

  3. Confidence Building In the practise of visualisation, you learn to summon your positivity through focusing and taking deep, deliberate breaths and picturing any fears or blockages you have about your performance or activity ahead. Then, imagine filling your body with the confidence you need b seeing yourself perform that task or activity to perfection and trapping your fears inside the mental bubble then releasing it as you watch yourself move flawlessly.

  4. Use Your Sense When you close your eyes and watch yourself frame by frame, each part of the activity you wish to accomplish, such as the next exercise, you need to imagine what it feels like and even what smells are discovered. Probably need deodorant right now! Your last visual frame will be the successful completion of the exercise or repetition.

Mental strengthening activities, such as visualisation, much like any physical strengths, requires patience, diligence and daily practise. The payoff over time will cultivate a stronger level of mental energy and resilience along your fitness journey.

Contact Discipline Fitness today on how you can train your mind for your fitness journey ahead!

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