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New Year New Me

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

In a few weeks’ time, thousands of people around the country will begin to embark on a process they will soon unfortunately quit, and the only reasons they are going to quit is that they have not set themselves up for success and begin with the mindset of "New Year New Me". At present, there are approximately 1.7 million Australians who currently use fitness centre services. If the current trends remain the same, it will reach approximately 3.6 million by 2020 (2).

But due to the nature of today’s rushed society and future trends, most will quit a small time after purchasing their fitness membership or packages, leaving fitness professionals such as myself to wonder why?

Owning a gym membership is a good idea. Getting to the gym is an even better idea. But what then? What is the best exercise, fitness program or training style that you can do to achieve your fitness goals for the New Year? A Fitness Professional can be leveraged to make you work smarter, not harder. They can help you break down your barriers to success and take you on a safer, more efficient path to your goals in the new year. Your success won't be immediate, your failure won't be sudden, either one will be a result of easy to do/easy to not do decisions.

You can set some ideas that may assist you in setting your goals so that you can have your best New Year yet, here and here!

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