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Your New Years Resolution is Here!

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Now that the Christmas and New Year have finally passed, it's time to kick-start our goals in fitness, health, and wellness. At times like this, it can be hard to choose which way you want to go in terms of what program you want to follow. The Discipline Fitness coach will show you the best way forward with your goals in mind. We’d like to offer you a way to help you with your New Years resolution.

But, we would like to ask, what is your New Years resolution? Lose five kilos? Increase your fitness? pain-free? Give up smoking? Some New Years resolutions are harder to stick to than we first thought!

Whatever your goal is, chances are is that you have resolved to achieve something amazing this year! And that's fantastic! Change is a great and powerful force to cement in for 2017. Unfortunately, change is hard work, especially when you are doing it alone. Many awaken with the notion of truly believing that this year will be the year to make the changes we’ve always dreamed of.

Despite our best intentions, roughly 8 per cent will only fulfil our dreams in any given year.

Despite our new-found energy, our old habits will die hard. Motivation dies off from the first week and into the second. And by the third, we’re back to the old ways. The comfortable ways.

As a fitness professional, I have seen swathes of people sign up in the first weeks of the New Year at the gym. But from roughly the third week through to March, most of them are never to be seen again. The sales team are busy making follow up calls, fellow personal trainers are calling to see what happened to their clients and prospects, and they all fit into one excuse, lack of time.

Whether it is family, work, or the latest episode on Netflix or Stan, we all come out with a lack of time.

And so, the equipment is then placed into the cabinet to gather dust, and wait to be cleaned off for next New Year’s fitness resolution.

What can you do about it?

Looking at the average gym member’s situation, I subjectively ask “Why is it hard for someone to achieve their goals?”

More often than not, it is the commitment to the goals that turn people away from them.

Making the first step to change, we are fighting deep, ingrained behaviour from a time long ago. Often, the process of change can be difficult and underestimated. And they’re not ready for the hard work that lays ahead. Even when everything has been planned, failure can still be inevitable. All thoughts and process are imagined; a nice and easy journey down a smooth road. But you eventually find yourself on a dirt track that rattles you around.

Furthermore, the first step to making the change in a positive way is to make sure you have someone you are accountable to and that is accountable to you. Making a commitment to a personal trainer can help and has helped many, if one-on-one is a bit costly, look at bringing in friends and family.

In terms of goal setting, a personal trainer can help you find and personalise your goal in detail as you will be more likely to achieve them when they become specific and attainable.

Making these changes can be hard, but it’s not impossible. Because you can lose those five kilos, you can increase your fitness, you can live pain-free, and you can quit smoking. There are some great strategies out there to help you achieve your goals in the New Year, and when it comes to fitness, health and wellness the Discipline Fitness Coach is here to help.

If you see yourself in need of help when it comes to your health and fitness for the New Year, then book in for a complimentary session with Discipline Fitness, here!

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