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Top Tips to Conquer Your Fitness Challenge!

If you're looking to trim and tone, maximize your muscle or improve your health and fitness, Discipline Fitness has the programs for you!

Here are Discipline Fitness' top tips to ensure you now only start on the right foot, but keep on winning with your transformation!

Stay focused and measure your progress

To keep track of your progress, make sure you take before and after full body photos and record your measurements. You may also find it beneficial to write weekly journal entries on how you’re feeling, what goals you have for the week and reflect on your adherence. This will help keep you accountable throughout the journey.

Optimise your nutrition

Ensure that you read all nutrition data that has been prepared for you and track your nutrition with any tracking apps such as MyFitnessPal. There will be some important tips that will be shared with you before you start as well as along the way for mastering meal preparation and breaking it down into a few simple steps

  1. Set aside time each week to browse, choose or change the meals you are preparing to eat each day

  2. Utilise phone-based shopping apps to break down what ingredients you need for the week. To keep costs down, ensure that you use the same condiments across most of your meals.

  3. Always stay prepared by batch cooking your meals and storing any leftovers in the fridge or freezer. You can reduce wastage by ordering specific groceries or meals online and potentially save time!

At pre-start phase would be a great time to not only reset your health from the inside out but your pantry, too! The pantry cleaning checklist can be used as a guide to help you sort out what you need and what you don't with what you have so that you're prepared and stocked up with all you need for your challenge ahead!

Start by reducing energy-dense foods to avoid temptation. If you don't have it, you're less likely to consume it! Some of these may include store-bought sweets or treats, white sugar, vegetable oil, most fruit juices, fizzy drinks, creamy sauces, potato chips and deep-fried foods.

Stocking up with more nutrient-dense foods as per the recommended guideline will prepare you with all you need to make your challenge meals needs.

When it comes to keeping your meals fresh:

  • Store meals in an air-tight glass container and be sure to place these into the fridge within 1-2 hours after cooking.

  • Cooked chicken, beef or seafood lasts up to 3 days in the fridge. Cooked eggs can last up to 7 days. Cook pasta and grains can last anywhere from 5 up to 7 days.

  • Cooked then frozen meals can last up to 3 months.

  • Wrap leafy greens in a paper towel to avoid excess moisture and spoilage.

  • Only wash fresh fruit and vegetables right before eating them.

  • Avoid storing bread in the fridge and store it in portions in the freezer instead.

  • Keep herbs that are not dried in water and cover them with a loose plastic bag over the top.

  • Lemon juice is great at preserving avocado.

There will always be more tips, so make sure you stay subscribed by email, SMS and social media. These tips may change over time, but they're there to ensure you achieve the most optimal performance and results during your challenge.


You should always aim for 7-9 hours of sleep each night for successful weight management and regulation of bodily functions. Be sure to avoid ​​blue light exposure and caffeinated drinks too close to your bedtime. It’s also important to establish a routine by going to bed and waking up around the same time each day.

Get the most out of your workouts before you workout!

Before you start each workout, it’s important to warm up first. A good warm-up will prime the muscles and keep you training for longer by preventing injuries. There are some warm-up tips in the training section of the app so be sure to check it out before you get started!

Each program is designed with your goal in mind. There are aspects of strength as well as metabolic conditioning, including a variety of exercises to target specific muscle groups. To get the most out of your workouts, always give it 100% from start to finish.

Stay hydrated

Don’t neglect drinking a minimum of 2 Litres of water per day to prevent dehydration and keep you performing at your peak level. This can be easily achieved by drinking a glass of water upon rising, before each meal and before you go to sleep as well as keeping a water bottle with you, wherever you go!

Ensure you're choosing the right calories for your goal

Below are some key points you should consider when picking the calories that are most suitable for you and your goals.

1500 calories

  • This calorie level is most suited for females who wish to drop a significant amount of body fat.

  • This calorie level is not advised for males or highly active females.

  • Please note this is a very low-calorie level and if you find yourself feeling lethargic and extremely hungry, you should opt for the 1800 calorie option instead.

1800 calories

  • This calorie level is most suited for females who wish to steadily drop body fat

  • You should feel adequately fueled and energized on this meal plan.

  • This calorie level is not advised for males.

2100 calories

  • This calorie level is most suited for females who wish to tone up and improve their body composition.

  • If you are happy with your current weight, this calorie level will help you to transition into a lean muscle building phase.

  • This calorie level will assist with fat loss for males.

2400 calories

  • This calorie level is most suited for males who wish to steadily drop body fat.

  • This calorie level will help fuel lean muscle growth in females for a sculpted physique.

2700 calories

  • This calorie level is most suitable for males who wish to gain lean muscle and improve muscle definition.

  • This calorie level is suitable for highly active females who are willing to take their muscle gain and strength to another level.

3000 calories

  • This calorie level is most suited for males who wish to gain a significant amount of muscle mass and size.

Make sure you have the Discipline Fitness Coach App downloaded to your phone.

It’s time to get pumped and get ready to start your challenge!

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