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The Mental Side in Your Fitness Journey

Are You Sabotaging Your Mental Fitness Journey?

N.L.P is an approach to communication, personal development, and psychotherapy outlining a connection between the neurological process, language and behavioural patterns learned through experience and that these can be changed to achieve goals in life.

The human brain is a fascinating organ. It starts sometime in conception and ends when we are in an exam room! From the dawn of my physical fitness journey, I have strived to learn more about human behaviours, and more importantly, my human behaviours before, during and after training and competitions.

I can look back, over the personal experiences and identify times I have simplified a goal, or not stated specifically enough what my goal was. Since then, I have learned that clarity of the goal hand in hand with the willingness to exert effort to achieve the goal is essential to my success.

It's always 90% mental and 10% physical

The brain is so powerful, that I have witnessed fellow competitors implode in the briefest of moments. Looking to find an excuse to quit, give up or not step up to the challenge at their moment to succeed. Having a clear goal in mind and the courage to work towards that goal is vital. Do <strong>NOT</strong> be coddled or try and validate your excuse. It is my job as your fitness coach to give you the need to challenge you to achieve success.

One obstacle that may present itself between you and I, in our client to coach relationship is your fear of being honest. You can make yourself feel like a failure just by being honest, as you feel you have let the coach down.

The perception is that there will be a loss in trust and respect as the plan was not followed through. But a failure to communicate honestly with your coach sometimes creates opportunities for you to find an excuse to walk away and escape as to not face failure itself.

Below are some scenarios that outline excuses to walk away and escape from failure.

  1. The phantom injury You’re feeling great all week, consistent, strong and powerful. Peaked at the right time with an immense amount of momentum. The day before the big day of a training session, weigh-in or other benchmarking situation the text message comes through: “I'm not feeling well” or “my knee is playing up” followed on with “I'm owing to try and do my best, but it may affect my overall performance”

  2. Self-sabotage You’re prepared physically and mentally, but during the days leading up to the net session “I know I'm strong, but I'm only going to do what I feel I need to do, which isn’t much, but at least I’ll have fun”

  3. Blaming others Lacking commitment to the training system/program the client attempts to direct blame onto others, especially the coach.

  4. The infamous “something came up”. Everything is scheduled and superficial preparation has been made to achieve your oral, you’re so close you can almost taste it, but “sorry coach, but my friend has really twisted my arm into not going today”.

  5. Feigning sickness “Cant age it is not feeling too well”. There are some genuine sicknesses and then there's not. Some sessions don’t have to be hardcore.

Learn to own your goal and embrace it on your fitness journey. Visualise a clear picture of the specific goal, how you will achieve the goal and refuse and reject letting the fears of failure taking you off course. Be honest with your coach as you progress so they can help you to be your best

Embrace open communication and a positive mindset and be totally committed to your goal. Be accountable and let nothing stop you from progress. Enhance your mental fitness with N.L.P through Discipline Fitness.

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