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Plastic Surgery 101: How to Get Back to the Gym after a Procedure

Having plastic surgery can be a very exciting period. Most people can’t wait to recover and show everyone their new and improved selves. However, it usually takes some time before you can hit the gym and continue with your workouts towards an even better body! So, how can you safely start exercising again? Let’s find out!

Wait at least a few days

No matter the procedure you had done and how invasive it was, it’s always best to wait at least a few days before engaging in any physical activity harder than walking. A few steps around the house are totally fine. Anything that’s more demanding should be left for later. Enjoy your rest, take care of yourself and be patient for the first couple of days after the surgery.

It all depends on the procedure

For instance, a tummy tuck and liposuction (especially the traditional methods) can be quite invasive and require rest during the first few days. Usually, your surgeon recommends gentle and slow walks. After four weeks, you can start light cardio like brisk walks, cycling or elliptical. Six weeks into your recovery, you can engage in most exercises. However, try to avoid the ones that strictly target your abdomen, like sit-ups and crunches—these should be left for after you’re completely healed! A similar path should be taken with all other plastic surgeries—take it slow, gradually introduce more exercises, but take care of the procedure area until everything is healed.

Start slow

Some people feel well after 48 hours post-surgery, but no matter how strong and ready you feel to start working out again, it’s best to ease into it very slowly. Let your body reacquaint itself with your workout routine before you start hitting those numerous reps!

Listen to your doctor

Every patient is different and every healing rate is different, which means every surgery is unique in its own way. So, make sure to check with your doctor every time you have any questions concerning your surgery, recovery and workout. They’ve been with you through the whole process and they know exactly how the surgery went, so they are the best person to give you advice. For instance, you can book a less invasive type of effective liposuction in Perth that doesn’t rip your connective tissue while removing fat. Ask your surgeon about power-assisted liposuction that usually brings great results with minimal damage and quicker recovery. This means you can go back to your everyday routine a bit quicker than with the regular lipo, but still make sure to listen to your doctor’s advice!

And listen to your body

Sure, we all feel “the burn” during and after a good workout, but exercising should never feel straight-up painful! A human body is a system where all parts are interconnected. You can’t really exercise only one part of it without engaging others. Of course, lunges won’t exercise your face, but they WILL increase your heart rate which can cause complication to your facelift. In procedures involving the face, the surgeon operates just under the surface of the skin where there are thousands of small blood vessels that can burst even during the slightest change to your blood pressure. So all in all, be careful and smart with your workouts and as soon as you feel any discomfort, especially in the area of the procedure, stop right away.

As you can see, patience is the key to a successful and smooth plastic surgery recovery and great results! Don’t rush to the gym to show off your new body and take it easy. Listen to your doctor (and common sense) and you’ll be back on your feet in no time!

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