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Over-training - It Can Happen to Any of Us!

Exercise can be a great tool for managing not only our physical health but our mental health too. 

You can though run the risk of ‘over-training’.

Over-training is what happens when you work out without allowing enough recovery time between sessions, or when you work out without giving your body the fuel (food) to do so. 

A controlled schedule is therefore key for optimum results.

How to identify if you’re over-training:

  1. Is your training suffering?

  2. Are you finding yourself more tired after exercise than you used to be?

  3. Are you experiencing chronic or nagging injuries? 

  4. Has your appetite changed?

  5. Are you feeling mentally drained while doing other tasks?

  6. Has your sleep routine suffered recently?

Over-training can happen to anybody and can lead to decreased fitness level and injury. It's important to recognise the signs of over-training early so you can manage them and reduce your risk. 

Tracking and monitoring your body and routine can help you identify when you’re training too much and how much training your body needs to be performing at its best.

If you do find you are over-training, it’s time to:

  • Reassess your goals, 

  • Get some rest,

  • Speak to a Personal Trainer about what type of fitness routine is right for you.

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