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Other Ways to Lose Weight

We all want to lose weight, and look fit and healthy. However, most of us are not big fans of the gym or strict diets. The good news is that there are many other ways that can help you lose weight which doesn’t involve starving nor lifting heavyweights.

“One less”

No, not Lonely Girl. More like one less candy a day, one less glass of soda, one less hour of watching TV etc. This way you can save up to 100 calories a day which is enough to prevent you from gaining around two pounds. When it comes to TV, spend that extra hour to take a walk around the block and you will burn a hundred calories more. You can also do light workouts while watching TV.

Switch the dish

Have you ever heard the phrase: “He is eating with his eyes, not his stomach.”? Even though it sounds ridiculous, it is not that far from the truth. You see, when a small portion of food is served on a large plate (like they do it in restaurants), our brain instantly assumes that the meal will not satisfy us. So one great trick is to start using smaller plates for your food. They will, logically, look much fuller with the same amount of food, and satisfy your hunger faster.

Cleaning Party

And you thought these two words don’t go together! Let’s be real here, scouring kitchen and bathroom surfaces can give you those bad Annie flashbacks, but in reality, cleaning is a great full-body workout that engages your triceps, biceps and core. For example, a person of 150 pounds who is mopping a floor will burn 43 calories in 15 minutes. And to make all that sweeping and scrubbing more fun, invite your BFF or your significant other to help you and turn on your favourite tunes.

There is also a variation where you can both challenge yourselves and do 15 lunges or burpees every time the song changes.

Extend your dog’s walk

You already took the leash, went outside, stopped vigorously pulling and established the tempo, why wouldn’t you take an extra lap around the block or park? Those extra steps are going to benefit both your weight loss process and your four-legged friend. And if you want to burn more calories, pick up the pace! Instead of walking 3,5 MPH, walk at 4 MPH, which will burn 1200 extra calories a month (if you do it every day for at least 20 minutes).

Have Sex

This is probably a favourite. Why? Well, first of all, sex is exciting, fun, and feels good. Second, it helps you stay lean because it can burn an insane amount of calories. One average sex session can burn around 69 calories for women and around 100 for men. And as you can probably assume – the longer the session, the more calories will be burned.

Hit the dance floor

Next time you feel like dancing your soul away, don’t hesitate and hit your favourite dance club. From jazz through salsa to hip-hop, dancing burns an incredible amount of calories, but the key is not to spice it up with alcohol because your goal is to burn more than you take in. And if you don’t feel confident dancing in front of people without at least a drink or two, turn up the music in your home and dance like nobody’s watching – because nobody is.

Play sports

As said above, the gym is not the only place where you can work out. Sports are for all those people who tend to lose interest in workout easily. You can put on your new soccer gear and call a couple of friends for a soccer match; you can sign up to various dancing classes that are fun and burn tons of calories such as Kangoo, Zumba, Twerking or pole dancing (if you are really into body sculpting). Add in some tennis, golf, basketball, go horse riding etc. The choice is really up to you.

As you can see, weight loss can actually be quite fun and easy – if you know these tricks. Have fun achieving your dream body.

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