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How to Deal With Negative Thoughts

Dealing With Negative Thoughts

The reality is, we all have negative thoughts, but it’s how we interpret them that determines whether we can extract a benefit from them.

How you deal with negative thoughts is a choice. And it's how we manage these undesirable thoughts that determine whether we win or lose.

You’ve got to become intimate with your reality and think about how you’re interpreting things right now.

Because how you’re interpreting things will determine your performance and ultimately your outcomes.

If we can tune our brains into asking every piece of stimulus coming into it these questions...

'What’s the benefit of this?'

'What does it give me that I didn’t have before?'

'How will it enable me to move forward, faster, hungrier, sharper, stronger?'

This will give us lessons and make us better today than we were yesterday.

So that means that no matter what happens to us the only result is…we get better.

Understand, this isn’t going to happen overnight, but by turning it into your brain on a daily basis, you’re going to slowly condition yourself to see everything as good, and everything as being of service to you.

Just think about this, what we’re here to learn, we will teach.

I use these tools automatically now, and they demonstrate to the world that this sh*t actually works.

Everything is serving you.


If you want to change your mindset so you can deal yourself a better hand when it comes to negative thoughts, or want help creating a positive mindset on your health and fitness journey, reach out to Discipline Fitness, today!

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