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How to Choose the Right Fitness Program

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

Taking care of your body as well as your health should, of course, be your top priority. And the speed of modern life combined with a total lack of physical activity has made it almost crucial for survival. And even though there are literally hundreds of fitness programs, not all of them can suit you and your particular body. So before you ‘get moving’, you need to do some homework and follow the list below religiously to find the right personal training programs for you.

Step number one: determining your current fitness level

Whether you are aware or unaware of how fit you currently are, recording your baseline fitness scores will help you measure your progress better and achieve your goals faster. So before everything, make sure you record these six important scores:

  • Your BMI

  • How far you can reach forward when you are sitting with your legs in front

  • The number of sit-ups and standard push-ups you can do at a particular period of time

  • How long it takes you to run 2.5 km or 400 m

  • Your heart rate before and immediately after walking 1.5 km

Step number two: knowing your health

There are certain conditions such as diabetes, asthma, heart disease etc. that can limit your exercise capacity. And that is why you should talk to your doctor first because even though you might have a certain health issue, you shouldn’t avoid working out. You simply need some expert help in order to create a program that will suit you best.

Step number three: deciding your goals

Try thinking about why you want to start your fitness journey and what is your ultimate goal while keeping your health as well as your fitness levels in mind. For example, if your doctor has suggested a weight-loss program for you, and you are already active, try pushing yourself to prepare for that 5K race in your city or sign up for some cool classes or even a sport. If you have clearer goals, you will be much more motivated.

Step number four: doing what you enjoy most

The next thing you should consider is which activities you enjoy most since exercising shouldn’t be a chore – but rather something you enjoy doing and something that relaxes you after a long day. Learn how to find your soulmate workout and make every training session fun. If you are into bicycles, sign up for a cycling class; if you are interested in dancing, go with Zumba, dance aerobic or even pole dancing. Or, if you love to socialise, get a health club or gym membership.

Step number five: adding variety

Sure, aerobic activities should be the largest part of your workouts, but you cannot neglect muscle strength training. This way, you will make progress faster and keep yourself from getting bored. In other words, when you plan your workouts, consider alternating among exercises that emphasize different parts of your body such as walking, swimming and strength training.

Step number six: budget matters

Your choices should always be in line with your budget – it is not fun to work out while you are bankrupt. Jokes aside, if a gym membership is too expensive for you, have in mind that there are a lot of other options to get in shape.

No one said you should base your fitness program around expensive gym equipment – instead, base it around inexpensive hand-held weights, resistance tubing or brisk daily walks and runs. Also, have in mind that many recreation departments often offer discounts to locals, while some schools and hotels may open their pools to the public for free swimming.

Final step: get movin’!

Now that you’ve figured everything out, it is time to get moving. Start off slowly and then gradually increase the intensity. Aim for at least two hours of moderate aerobic activities and one hour of more vigorous ones per week. When it comes to strength, two times a week is perfectly enough for starters.

Every day is another step towards your goal. If you ever get bored with your current fitness program, switch to something else that seems interesting rather than stopping. Your body will be thankful.

If you want more information, not seeing results or want to sign up for a fitness program, contact the Discipline Fitness Coach, today!

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