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Fitness Motivation Tips

Updated: May 9, 2022

Have you been thinking about going to the gym ever since last spring, but something else always comes first? Have you always managed to find an excuse to break a sweat, and leave it for some other Monday? If so, it means you’re seriously lacking motivation and you need to change your mindset. With just a few fitness motivation tips, you’ll be ready to start burning those calories right now, and you’ll grow to love exercising.

Connect working out to other activities

No matter how good of a habit you make out of your workout regimen, some days you may not feel up to going to the gym. However, it’s vital that you try your best and not make exceptions. Habits are cued to something, which is why you always brush your teeth when you get up. You are accustomed to doing that first thing in the morning, so try doing the same with your workouts. Tie your exercise time to some event you know you’ll do every day without exception, such as coming home from work or finishing your class at university.

Get a personal trainer

If you can afford a personal trainer, your motivation for exercise will always be at the highest level. They’ll help you overcome a lot of psychological barriers, give you fitness motivation, help you stay consistent in your exercise and hold you accountable. However, make sure the trainer you want is certified so that you know you’re paying a professional to help you. Also, some of the characteristics of a good trainer are that they have true training knowledge, they’ll focus on getting you to your goals, and they’ll listen to you about your previous injuries, workout goals or favourite exercises.

Create song associations

As psychology suggests, once you pair a stimulus with an action, they’ll become associated with each other in your brain. Therefore, think about associating your favourite music with your workouts. When you start listening to music, your heart rate will increase and you’ll have much more fun while pumping iron. It’s a good idea to have different playlists for different phases, such as pre-gym music, at-the-gym music and after-the-gym music. Just fill your phone with motivating songs, get your favourite headphones and start lifting weights and hit the treadmill with no fuss. If you’re focusing on lifting, listening to music will help your strength and muscular endurance.

Find a workout program for you

Having a plan of exercise will bring you one step closer to working out regularly. If you step into the gym and start doing random exercises, you’ll lose time thinking about what to do next, and you can find working out tedious. What’s more, it’ll be ineffective, so make sure you find a workout program for yourself. The Discipline Fitness Method is one of the programs you can follow, and it will certainly offer you amazing results.

Surround yourself with fit people

Obesity mostly spreads through social networks, even though it’s been linked to unhealthy habits and environmental influence as well. Therefore, if you want to get fit, it will be best for you to spend more time with people who exercise regularly and take care of their bodies. The more time you start spending with people who often talk about fitness and promote it as a good part of a lifestyle, the more motivated you’ll become to start exercising without making excuses ever again. If that’s not enough, think about switching gyms too, and look for places with people fitter than you, who will motivate you to work harder on your body.

Staying motivated can be challenging, but with the right habits and routines, you’ll have no trouble sticking to your workout regimen. Just make sure you create a habit out of your training and look for a personal trainer that will lead you through the entire process with all of their knowledge, motivation and support. Also, put together several playlists and let the music be your trigger to push your boundaries and work out harder every day. Look for a suitable workout program for you and surround yourself with fit people who will always keep you motivated.

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