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Commit to Your Workouts Again!

There comes a time when most people can commit to their fitness routines, but then staying fit and healthy becomes a big challenge and feels like a chore.

Between family, friends, work, hobbies and travelling it can become very hard to balance life and exercise multiple times per week. This raises a big-ticket question: How can you stick to your workout routine when life gets busy?

The problem – inconsistency

If you have the fitness goals of losing weight or building muscle, this yo-yo process is very inefficient. It takes time and patience to build the required habits in your life at such a high pace.

When you step, so does the progress and wasting valuable energy and resources trying to get it all back up to where it was. I have been there too, many times, before becoming a personal trainer and after.

And, if this sounds like you, too, it's obvious that you’re not alone. Many people that fluctuate in and out of exercises routines notice the positive feelings and physical changes and wonder how could they ever stop themselves

So, why do YOU stop?

As obvious as it is, it's not always you, but it is you. Your career could accelerate you, your family may have something positive or negative happen. More often than not, you stop making fitness your priority. Then it could be weeks or months before you get back into the routine again.

During these high-stress times in your life is when you NEED exercise the most. When you face these pressures, it is important to KEEP exercising. From the countless studies around, exercise alleviates stress and helps keep your mind and body sharp and strong.

To put things into perspective the mind and the body are connected. Through maintaining a fit and flexible body the mind is being exercised to e fit as well to face difficult times ahead with better clarity.

How do you stop the yo-yo?

The solution – Schedule your workouts

The first and foremost solutions is to schedule your workouts based on your preferences in times to train.


If your week starts on a Monday, start to schedule on Sunday's before. Slot your training before or after your work and schedule it so you have time in and around it so that you’re not stressing to get to the gym for it.


After the scheduling has been done, make them as you would an important meeting at work, IMPORTANT!

They are unbreakable commitments to YOU. If you have less flexibility, then consider the best possible days and times for you and when you have the least distractions.

I strongly recommend committing to a minimum number of workouts per week in your schedule.

My recommendation on this is either 2 x 45-minute workouts or 3 x 30-minute workouts as a minimum. If this is still not possible then look at 10 to 15 minutes twice per day for a quickie.

The most important thing is to commit to your schedule. It may, at times, be very tempting to skip a workout when you get busy, but in order to change your habits back to feeling good, you need to COMMIT to your workouts.

A pre-step to this would be to articulate the reasons WHY you want to do this. So, write down 5 reasons why. From this, it will start to change your mindset and your schedule.

From your reasons WHY, they no longer become a chore but a time to rejuvenate, energise and boost your energy and strength to where they were before.

The benefits of exercising are varied and numerous. What's yours?

If you want to learn more about how to schedule your workouts into your “busy” life and start developing your habits into a positive way of life, then The Discipline Fitness Coach has the right solutions for you.

Contact The Discipline Fitness Coach today!

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