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Beach Lifestyle: Water Sports and Their Health Benefits

The beach is perfect for relaxation, but it can also be a great gym that will make you look sexy and strong if you know how to use it properly. So, don’t just lie on your towel and soak up the sun! Hit the water, swim, dive and surf and you’ll have better cardio than in your stuffy gym. Plus, water sports are much more fun than any treadmill! So, here are some exciting water sports and the benefits you can reap from them.


Let’s start with the basics: swimming! This is probably the best sport you can engage in since it offers great cardio and muscular workout all in one. Since swimming targets almost every muscle in your body, you can burn anywhere from 300 to 900 calories per hour! However, swimming isn’t only good for your physique. It exercises your lungs, so it’s often recommended to people with cardiovascular issues. So, no matter your health or your fitness level (swimming is very low impact and can be practised by everyone), you can hit the water and make a few strokes in the sun!


Another super fun water sport you can try is kayaking. Even though it might seem like it only engages your upper body, kayaking is actually a full-body workout! If you do it right, you’ll feel your thighs, your core and your arms getting an amazing training session. Like many water sports, kayaking also exercises your balance, because it’s really not easy navigating the ocean, especially if it’s windy outside!


Probably the most interesting and relaxing water sport out there is diving. One of its main benefits is the relaxing effect the deep sea has on the human mind. Being weightless feels very liberating and seeing the breathtaking underwater world simply washes away all the stress and tension we tend to hold. But, scuba diving is also a great cardio and muscular exercise that will make you look sexy and lean. Your body needs to move against the current which isn’t as easy as it seems. So, pick up your quality scuba diving equipment and plunge under the surface for a great full-body workout and a pleasant mental therapy! With good gear, you’ll stay warm and safe while enjoying your diving session.


Another great full-body workout you can get at the beach comes from surfing. This water sport will tone your body, strengthen your abs and give you a set of sexy legs! If you opt for kite surfing, you’ll even get a great upper body workout! Also, riding the waves requires great balance and coordination, so it provides a good little mental exercise as well. All in all, surfing is a super fun activity that will make you forget all about the boring gym!

Water polo

If you’re more into team sports, the beach can still deliver. Ditch the volleyball and take your ball into the water for a fun match of water polo! Aside from having a workout of your life, you’ll also get to socialize, build friendships and sportsmanship. Plus, being a good water polo player involves quick decision making you can later use in your everyday life!


This sport is by far the most fun you can have on the water! Many beaches have an option to hop on an inflatable tube or a banana boat and go flying across the water. You’ll have so much fun, release some built-up stress and even get a good workout. Clinging to a speeding tube will give your core and your arms a lot of work!

So, forget about expensive gym memberships and hit the beach! You’ll have great fun in the sun and get the best full-body workout!

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