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Are You Ready to Change?

What Does Being "Ready" Mean to You?

Change takes on many forms. And when you're presented with the moment to change, it may be time to look at the bigger picture. These pivotal moments arise so that you can go from where you are present to where you need to be. This can be a learning experience for you and, hopefully, a positive one. Experiences may vary.

When I ask my clients questions on change, their answer will show me where they really are. Do you want to change, but just feel like you’re too busy, or it’s not the right time? This may be an opportunity to help you see perfection isn’t a prerequisite.

Even if I cannot help you face to face, below are a series of questions that can help you along your fitness journey so that you can evolve to your next level.

Questions on Diving Deep

Ask yourself this: “Imagine a world where I am completely ready to make the change. What would that world look like to me?”

How it can help you: Considering what the “perfect” time would look like to help you see there won’t ever be a "perfect time". What’s more, you might be able to steal something from this imaginary “completely ready” world, and incorporate it into your life right now—to help you feel more ready.

Ask yourself this: "What’s pushing me away from making this change right now? Is there anything pulling me toward trying something different?”

How it can help you: Many clients I have had feel ambivalent about change. They want to, but they also don’t want to. Instead of trying to talk you into changing, this question may get you to do it yourself—by reminding you why you need to in the first place.

"I don't want or like to make big, massive moves"

Ask yourself this: “Instead of making a big, massive change I don’t feel ready for, how could I do just a little bit better in this area today?”

How it can help you: This question gives you the opportunity to tell yourself what feels reasonable and sane to you at this moment in their life. Work from there. Are you willing?

Ask yourself this: “What comes up for me when I think about making this change?

How it can help: This question shows the opportunity to notice and name the resistance you may feel when you think about starting a particular habit.

Ask yourself this: “Imagine what would happen if I did make the change, despite my reservations. What do I think the outcome would be?”

How it can help: Picturing the benefits may help you decide that even though the change might be challenging, it could also be worth it (Or not—that’s okay too).

Ask yourself this: “What would happen if I didn’t make the change? What would that look like?”

How it can help: The natural answer is, “Well, things would stay the same as they are now.” And no one invests in coaching because they want things to stay the same, right?

Ask yourself this: “How would making this change help me achieve my goals? Are there any ways it could keep me from losing weight or feeling healthier or moving better or [insert my objective here.

How it can help: Getting you to weigh the pros and cons of making a change helps you reevaluate your willingness to try it.

“What does being ‘able to' look like to me?”

Ask yourself this: Am I able to change right now?

How it can help: Just as there’s no perfect time to change, there’s also no scenario where there are zero barriers to change. Asking this question helps you realise with some creative problem solving, you probably can change right now.

Ask yourself this: “What obstacles are in my way? How are they limiting me?”

How it can help: Narrowing down exactly what obstacle and why it is limiting you may make previously hidden solutions more obvious.

Ask yourself this: “Let’s say I can’t remove the obstacles completely. How could I ‘dodge’ them?”

How it can help: This question opens up a brainstorming session, allowing you to come up with solutions that make sense for yourself as an individual.

Diving Deeper

If you ever need help to go from where you are now and to get to where you need to be, or if you're stuck, why not take that first step in the right direction towards changing, and contact Discipline Fitness, today!

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