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A Guide to Get You Summer Body Ready

A Guide to Your Summer Body

With Spring almost here, it means that Summer is not far behind with plenty of sun-rays, beach outings and bikinis to match. If you find yourself still carrying the winter weight, it’s time to adjust your diet and get some physical activity and ready for the summer body. Before you start starving yourself or spending pointless hours at the gym, take a moment to read this little guide that will help you get your summer body ready without endangering your health.

Exercise Smart

Spending hours lifting weights in the gym will help you bulk up, but not exactly lose weight. Reduce the weight sessions and opt for some interval training! These sessions can short and effective as they will leave you gasping for air in only 30 minutes. Interval training helps boost your metabolism, burn more calories and even continue burning them long after you’ve finished your workout!

Wheat Instead of White

Yes, exercise is important, but every sexy summer body is made in the kitchen! So, adjust your diet and watch the weight melt. For instance, one easy way to lose weight is to switch from white carbs to whole grain/whole wheat carbs. They contain more fibre, suppress your appetite, boost your metabolism and keep your stomach healthy!

Eat Several Smaller Portions a Day

Munching down on five smaller portions a day can help keep you fuller for a longer time, speed up your metabolism and prevent your body from entering starvation or conservation mode. That doesn’t mean you can enjoy five huge meals and still lose weight! Your new diet should have adequate protein, healthy fats and fibre and consist of three normal meals with two smaller snacks in between.

If you think this involves too much cooking, just grab a good microwave and you’re good for most meals. For instance, some stylish Bosch microwaves have a timer and an auto reheat option that allows you to go about your day and come to a warm and tasty meal when it's ready! No need to spend more time hunched over the stove!

Use Fat to Burn Fat

It might seem contradictory, but you need healthy fats to burn body fats. For example, fats from fish, nuts, avocados and olive oil will help control your appetite, your insulin levels AND keep your brain working optimally. Of course, that doesn’t mean you can drown your salad in olive oil! Consume these healthy fats moderately, whether it is through foods or supplementation.

Choose the Right Dessert

If you have a sweet tooth that demands to be satisfied, just know that there are some good dessert options that will not ruin your progress. For instance, all the coffee drinkers can rejoice and enjoy their black caffeinated drink as before. However, those who don’t take their coffee black, there are skim milk Lattes that are low-calorie. If you’re craving something solid but sweet, grab a granola bar or make a diet-friendly dessert! Just don’t succumb to your cravings and grab a Kit Kat…


If you want to stay healthy, strong and radiant, you must hydrate, but ditch all the sugary sodas and opt for good old water. Water will not only boost your metabolism but make you feel fuller, suppress your appetite, and make your skin radiant.

These six simple tips will help you get that beach body you’ve always dreamed about. And if you keep up with this lifestyle even after the summer is over, you’ll be healthy, strong and invigorated and have a body that inspires jealousy all year round!

Contact The Discipline Fitness Coach if you want to get ready for Summer, today!

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