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The Discipline Fitness Method


The Discipline Fitness Method is designed specifically for men and women who are ready to ditch the diet mentality and learn more about nutrition, their bodies, and their mindset! If you want to make a sustainable change, you need to understand how food works in your own body (not just blindly following a cookie-cutter plan), manage your mindset and, get support and accountability along the way.  After completing this course, you should: ● Have created a clear, goal-driven nutrition plan that works for YOU and that you can immediately put into action. ● Know how to actually reach those goals without getting overwhelmed ● Understand how the human brain works when it comes to food, stress, and emotions ● Recognise how your emotions drive your movements and eating choices ● Choose to do and think in a way that serves you and others (this can be with moral obligations, your health, money, etc.) ● Understand that diets and external circumstances don't determine your success - you do! ● Increase awareness of your body and understand hunger cues ● Have a better way to portion control that doesn’t include counting calories and measuring things. ● Understand how to break down carbs, protein and fat for your body type. ● Better understand detoxes, intermittent fasting and what might be right for you. ● Embrace failures and discomfort because you know they are part of life and use them to propel you forward. ● Have a desire to keep learning about food, your body and yourself




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