Protein - How much do I need?

Protein – How much do I need?

Protein provides the major structural components of cells for all living things, such as soft and hard tissue growth and repair. When digested, it breaks down and releases amino acids which in turn are used to make new proteins. Such as muscles, hormones (insulin and adrenalin, and more) antibodies, transport carriers such as haemoglobin to supply oxygen to vital organs, maintain fluid balance or may be used as an energy source during some higher states of exercise.

If you're wanting to increase muscle mass, an intake of 1.2 grams to 2 grams per kilo of body weight per day incorporated with a nett positive caloric intake is needed to achieve 2kg to 4kg of body mass per month.

Due to the appetite suppression effect, a higher intake has benefits for fat loss. But only if the rest of the intake of food is considered healthy. Such as achieving the recommended servings of vegetables, fruit and dairy whilst not eliminating grains and cereals.

It's favourable that the human body does not store protein. But consuming it on a regular basis is essential. It is highly advisable to choose protein-rich foods that are lower in saturated fats.

The energy value per gram for protein is 17 kilojoules, or 4 calories, per gram

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