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Getting Back Into Your Positive Mindset

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

Focusing on what you enjoy and following a simple structure can keep you on track for a happy and successful journey in fitness, and have a positive mindset moving forward.

At any given time in your life, can you think of a time when you felt full of possibility and motivation and wanted to succeed so bad it felt good?

Do you still feel that way now? If so, great! If not, don’t worry! We can all lose sight of what gets us through the days. It feels like just another day to grind as we slowly slip into the rut. Below, I will discuss ways that will reinvigorate the passion and ignite your motivation. By setting this structure up into your life, it will help keep things anew.

Guidelines for a positive mindset

1 - Rediscover what you enjoy

Knowing what you don’t want in your life is just as important as knowing what you do want. If you’re unsure, you can fall into the pit of doing what you don’t want but still feel the need to press on in order to achieve something. This is the long way out of the rut, and even though you will get there, it’s BORING!

To take the fast track to recapture what you do want, the best way forward is to sit down and write out what you don’t want. And, logically (Thanks, Spock and Sherlock Holmes) by removing the illogical we are left with only the logical. Create your list with two headings. First, a list of all the things you don't like, and then a list of all the things you DO like.

After you have exhausted your thoughts from creating these two lists (stay with it!), number the things you DO like in order of what is most important to you. Compare the DO list with the DON’T list and replace the DON’Ts with dos. That’s right, you have to do some things you don't like to achieve your goals.

However, when the things we don’t enjoy outweigh the things we do enjoy, we fall into a rut. This may be from a lack of feeling fulfilled. Without our sense of accomplishment, we can experience a lack of motivation and get burned out. This first step, to outweigh what we don’t like with what we do like, can help you start to get back on track

2 -Create a plan

Going back to our lists we created, pick the most enjoyable task you prioritised as number 1 and make it more real by writing next to it when you will achieve that by and how you will feel once it is done. Creating the expectation is a powerful force to launch yourself out of the rut. Set some short, medium and long-term goals associated with this task.

When writing out your plan, keep it simple! Keep it simple through how you are going to take action. Make sure your first step is very clear. It might just be reaching out and asking for help!

3- Take action

This critical, make or breakpoint can be lost due to inaction. Procrastination can be a killer too. So start out on the right foot forward. Think less and act more. Don’t second guess. Jump out of that emotional fox hole and charge forward! It may be hard, but by taking immediate action you will build momentum which, thanks to physics, leads to more action

One reason people lose motivation and get into a negative mindset is that they don’t have a structure in place to prevent it from happening again. Implementing these three key principals should provide you with a structure to keep on track and doing more of what you like to do.

If you feel that you have gotten yourself stuck in a rut and need help, contact us today so we can strategise a path forward together!

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