Age And Fitness

Many people believe that as you age, you get stiffer. Weight is gained. Vitality is lost. Study after study suggests there’s nothing you can do about it; you will gain fat and lose muscle as you age. It just happens. Deal with it! There's a BIG flaw with these studies. Although the study participants gained fat and lost muscle as they age, this does not mean ageing caused the fat gain and muscle loss!

In other words, these studies do not prove causality. There are other studies you probably haven't seen before that tell a very different story. For example, one study showed the leg of a 70-year-old tri-athlete is indistinguishable from that of a much younger tri-athlete. Yes, ageing is a biological process. Our bodies change over time.

At some point, it will be more difficult to gain muscle. You will begin losing muscle mass and overall strength. You have time. Even if you’re in your 60's or 70’s, you've got time to improve. Ultimately, you experience what you believe. If you believe as you get older that you get stiffer, gain more weight, and lose your vitality, then these things will certainly happen to you. I don't believe them.

I know that I will be better at 65 years old than I am now save something happening to me between now and a long time from now.

Never stop believing in yourself.

Don't stop exercising.

Always keep learning.

Age gracefully, with strength and purpose!

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