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7 Ideas for Outdoor Recreational Activities

Regular exercise can improve your health greatly, especially if it’s done through outdoor recreational activities, in the fresh air. The options for outdoor recreational activities are many, you just have to find the one that suits your personality and your needs best. Here are a few good ideas.


This is the perfect activity for those who have just started with recreational exercising since you don’t have to be in good shape to do it. Not only that, but you don’t even have to be especially equipped. All you need are your trainers and a tracksuit. It’s simple and completely free, but the most important thing is that you can set your own pace. Your lung capacity and the state of your heart can improve, you will be in a better mood, plus you can lose weight more easily by walking. So, pick a nice route and take a walk right now.


This is a low-impact workout for the whole body. It is good for your heart and the cardiovascular system and it tones your muscles, without putting pressure on your joints and bones. This makes it a great recreational option for people with arthritis or other similar conditions. It can cool you down when it’s hot, so use the summer months to swim in rivers, lakes, the ocean or outdoor swimming pools. This doesn’t mean you can’t go swimming in the winter as well; just find an indoor pool and off you go.


This is an excellent outdoor activity for those who consider walking and swimming too slow or passive. Jogging will burn a whole bunch of calories, meaning you’ll lose weight in no time; it can boost your stamina and endurance, as well as strengthen your muscular structure. It can do your heart and lungs a lot of good, but it can also improve your mental health. The training and equipment jogging requires are minimal, so it’s practically free. Most parks now have running tracks, so visit your local park or find another beautiful place for this activity.


This is a fun activity, which means less stress and more cheerfulness for you. Other than that, it builds your muscles and lower-body strength, improves your balance, while being gentle on your joints. Cycling is a healthy activity, no matter what your age is, and it may even prevent serious health issues, such as a heart attack, a stroke and depression. It’s easy to fit cycling into your everyday routine since you can use your bike to get to work or do the chores around town. You can ride it through the city, in parks, or even take your bike to the countryside and have fun while exploring the surroundings on your two wheels. Just be sure you wear comfortable Pearl Izumi cycling clothes so that you avoid any inconveniences, such as a rash.

Roller skating

Similar to cycling, roller skating will help improve your mood and balance; it’s great for your whole cardiovascular system, including the heart, and it’s very helpful for burning calories and losing weight, which can make your overall health better. It’s an amazing alternative to running since its impact on your knees and other joints are far lower when you roller-skate than when you run. Not to mention the fun you can have if you invite your friends or family members to join you on their roller skates. However, to be on the safe side, wear protective equipment for your knees, elbows, hands and head.

Outdoor Gyms

When you talk about fun recreational activities, this one can easily steal the show. It’s a great option for staying in shape and exercising in the fresh air. These outdoor gyms can usually be found side by side with children’s playgrounds and they can contain a variety of exercise machines. You can choose between doing pushups, beating on a punching bag or use a cycling machine. Pull-up bars and weight-lifting platforms are great for enhancing your strength while balancing beams allow you to develop your balance further. However, you might want to talk to a fitness coach first, so that you know which exercises are safe for you to do. Plus, if you’re a crafty person, you might even want to try building an outdoor gym in your own garden.

Rock climbing

If you’re outdoorsy and adventurous, and you don’t mind when nature gets a little rough, this is the right recreational activity for you. Although it can be intense, its benefits to your body and mind make it worth it. Rock climbing can provide your arms, legs, back and neck with great strength, not to mention how much it can improve your heart rate and breathing. It pushes you to activate most of your body’s muscle groups so that you can climb a wall or a rock, making you fit and burning calories in the process. It can raise your self-esteem, clear your mind and relieve you of stress. So, if this is your thing, all you have to do is pick a good place and go for it!

Doing recreational exercises today is a good way to ensure a healthier tomorrow, and if you choose to do it outdoors, even better. There’s no better combination than physical activity and fresh air, especially if you’re surrounded by the green, soothing colours of nature. So, waste no more time. Pick an activity that suits you and start working out now.

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