Creating stronger, leaner bodies by developing positive habits

Book in for a 15-minute complimentary discussion about your fitness goals!

Personal Training

Optimise your body and mind with The Discipline Fitness Coach.

Breaking through your mindset and limiting beliefs with personal holistic coaching.

Let your coach take you to the next level achieving what you only thought about!

Educate and Inspire

With attention to detail and firm regimen during your workouts, centre your focus and unleash your potential progressing towards a fitter, stronger you!

Tailored Programs

Whether it is weight loss, muscle gain, athletic power or strength and conditioning your program will be tailored to you with a clear pathway to achieve your goals.

Tracking and Accountability

Keep accountable with your coach through your journey. Track your workouts, body composition, goals and nutrition while keeping everything enjoyable.

24/7 Support

Contact your coach anytime for feedback, advice and guidance throughout your fitness journey.  You will never be alone in and out of the gym.


Online Fitness Coaching

Online Coaching is perfect for the busy person that is self-motivated and seeking guidance to where they want to get to. Log on anywhere in the world and get your results without the guesswork!


Online Login

Access from anywhere in the world on your computer or phone-based application. Track your training, nutrition, goals throughout your fitness journey.


Beginner to Advanced

From just starting to achieving the next fitness level, your program will challenge and change you in and around what you are already doing!


Programmed For You

No cookie-cutter programs. Your program is designed for you around your life and lifestyle to ensure that you achieve your goals whilst enjoying the journey.

Mindset Coaching

Most people can lose weight easier than others through their fitness and nutrition. If you're not one of those people, then it might be your mindset. Mindset Coaching is for the person that might not have the best tools for motivation and want to set meaningful goals, changes in their habits, gain willpower, boost motivation and strengthen their self-belief! Through one-to-one exercises and step-by-step strategies, this coaching experience will be a life-changer.

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